Welcome to the  Hamilton Water District website!  Our purpose is to make sure that you, the consumer, are informed of the services that are available to you from YOUR water district.   It is our mission to provide the best quality water with the highest level of customer service. We are totally committed to reliable service and a quality product.

   The Hamilton Water District was founded in 1964 when the original board of directors, under the chairmanship of James Cunningham, borrowed $160,000 from First National Bank of Aberdeen for construction of the needed facilities. Other members of the board of directors were G.W. Coward, secretary, and board members Jimmy Camp, Jack O'Mary, Al Foster, and L.D. Watson. Ted Tumlinson, of West Point, along with Mr. Cunningham, an engineeer himself, handled engineering for the new project. The original water tank, seen in the above right photo, still stands at the intersection of U.S. Highway 45 and Hamilton Road.

  We have recently re-painted and completely re-worked our elevated water tanks, doubled the size of our headquarters building and adopted new innovations in water service, including monitoring plants, pumps, tanks and wells with the SCADA system.

   Shown in the photo at bottom left (from left) are Ted Tumlinson, G.W. Coward, Jimmy Camp, Al Foster, L.D. Watson, and James Cunningham. 

    As the years rolled by, the Hamilton Water District expanded its lines to serve an even larger area. Additional lines were laid, and new pumps and water tanks constructed at Lackey and on McDuffie Cemetery Road. 

    Our modern system is operated by five employees and governed by a board of five directors. We are very proud of our ability to serve our patrons and meet the continuing growth of the South Monroe County area we serve.  

Hamilton Water District • P.O. Box 66 • Hamilton, MS 39746 • 662-343-8387